IFAC Control Orchestra

The 21st IFAC World Congress 2020 featured the first performance ever by the IFAC Control Orchestra. In this unique event, a virtual orchestra performance was presented including only musicians from the automatic control community.

More precisely, the Grand Opening Ceremony of the World Congress included a performance of "For a lifetime", based on "Ein Leben lang" by the Swiss group Fäaschtbänkler. Furthermore, the Closing Ceremony featured a performance of "Smoke on the water", based on the original song by Deep Purple. Both songs were conducted by Jochen M. Rieber. We thank all musicians for contributing to this performance.

We additionally plan to organize further performances of the IFAC Control Orchestra at some point in the future, either remotely or live on stage at an IFAC conference. For this, we are constantly looking for interested people from the automatic control community who have some previous musical experience and who are interested in being part of this highly dynamic, distributed, nonlinear, adaptive, fuzzy, MIMO, fault-tolerant, learning-based feedback control system with experimental verification and validation. If this tickles your fancy and you would like to be informed about the next steps, please send us an e-mail to: control-orchestra@ist.uni-stuttgart.de

Musicians in the performance at the 21st IFAC World Congress 2020:


Simon Bachler bass clarinet
Maria Domenica Di Benedetto piano
Julian Berberich guitar
Franco Blanchini violin
Patrizio Colaneri flute
Ian Craig cello
Darius Djafari-Rouhani violin
Arthur Scolari Fagundes guitar
Thomas Gellrich cello
Nykolay Gerashchenko clarinet
Giuseppe Gillini  guitar, bass guitar
Michael Hertneck clarinet
Anne Koch piano
Paul Kotyczka violin
Steffen Leonhardt percussion
Masahiro Mae double bass
Manuel Alberto Martínez Arenas alto sax
Miguel Mauricio Iglesias cello
Mirko Mazzoleni guitar, tenor sax
Matthias A. Müller trumpet
Simon Muntwiler tenor sax
Martin Pfeifer bass guitar
Jochen M. Rieber clarinet
Arash Shahbakhsh tanbour
Alia Strandt clarinet
Julia Wagner alto sax
Julian Wanner violin

Jochen M. Rieber, Airbus Defence and Space, Friedrichshafen, Germany
(arranger, conductor, audio/video engineering)

Julian Berberich, University of Stuttgart, Germany
(organization, audio/video engineering)