Diversity & Inclusion Workshop (featuring speakers from IFAC)

The IEEE Control Systems Society and NCCR Automation are co-organising a two day pre-CDC Workshop on “DIVERSITY and Inclusion in Control” from December 11-12.

This workshop will comprise talks by leaders of the control community who are spearheading diversity initiatives, including Andrew Alleyne (IFAC Diversity & Inclusion Committee member), Mary Doyle-Kent (Chair, IFAC Diversity & Inclusion Committee), Magnus Egerstedt, Steffi Knorn, Silvia Mastellone, and Richard Murray. The talks will be followed by breakout sessions and panel discussions. The objective is to identify best practices that contribute to (i) shape research and work environments where diversity and research excellence can thrive; (ii) promote the image of Automatic Control as a field in which talented students and researchers want to study, work and contribute to the field growth. Anyone from academia, industry or decision making body is more than welcome to contribute with their experience and learn about existing initiatives.
The workshop is free of charge thanks to sponsorship from NCCR Automation and the IEEE Control System Society. For more information and to register, please visit the workshop website:
DIVERSITY and Inclusion in Control WORKSHOP – CDC2021