Technical Board, Coordinating Committees and Industry Committee

The technical work of IFAC is performed by the Technical Board and the Coordinating Committees (CCs). Each CC consists of a number of Technical Committees (TCs). The Technical Committees (TCs) are responsible for the planning and monitoring of technical events, such as symposia, conferences and workshops, with the NMOs acting as hosts. They also promote their respective areas in other ways, such as establishing contacts with international organizations, publishing reports on selected topics, etc. The TCs cover specialized topics in control engineering. Their tasks among many others include promoting interest in emerging control subfields, assuming responsibility for technical meetings (or for series of such), providing for cooperation among specialists of their particular field, etc.

Starting from the 2017 World Congress in Toulouse (France) IFAC has established an Industry Committee with the goals to:

  • Strengthen the engagement of industry and industry representatives in IFAC activities
  • Enhance the value of IFAC to industry
  • Help control research realize its full potential for industry impact

The members of the Technical Board are:

Technical Board

Name Position Email Country
Carlos Eduardo Pereira Chair BR
Alessandro Astolfi Vice-Chair GB
Klaus Janschek Vice-Chair DE
Tariq Samad Vice-Chair US
Linda Bushnell Member (liaison to social media) US
Jie Chen Member (liaison to publications) CN
Lucy Pao Member (liaison to education) US
Maria Elena Valcher Member (TC awards) IT
Hideaki Ishii Coordinating Committee Chair of CC1 JP
Laura Menini Coordinating Committee Chair of CC2 IT
Thierry Marie Guerra Coordinating Committee Chair of CC3 FR
Andreas Kugi Coordinating Committee Chair of CC4 AT
Benoit Iung Coordinating Committee Chair of CC5 FR
Jay H. Lee Coordinating Committee Chair of CC6 KR
Lars Eriksson Coordinating Committee Chair of CC7 SE
Ronald van Nooijen Coordinating Committee Chair of CC8 NL
Lawrence (Larry) Stapleton Coordinating Committee Chair of CC9 IE